The City Dog Daycare

Bill of Rights

Every dog shall have the right to:

Enjoy time with other properly-screened, friendly dogs in a playful, safe and stimulating environment

Be treated with the kindness due a loved family member

Be watched over by humans who love dogs and who place dog welfare above all other business considerations

Spend time in a safe, clean, fresh and sanitary environment free of design flaws or chemicals which are hazardous to dogs

To be recognized as the individual each one is

Have medical issues addressed with care and urgency as if we were dealing with a medical issue in a member of our own pack

In the case of our overnight guests, to have sleeping areas large enough for normal movement and relaxed sleep, and to be invited to join in the fun with our day care visitors

To be in a place where their pack leaders (owners) are invited and welcome to check on their welfare, comfort, treatment and security at anytime via a drop in visit or telephone call.

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