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The staff at The City Dog is composed of people who love their dogs just as you do. The present staff owns or has owned a total of 29 dogs, with 15 of those being rescue/shelter dogs. We have volunteered countless hours at various humane societies and animal shelters and have been employed at other dog daycares, pet supply stores, boarding/grooming facilities, veterinary offices as well as The Columbus Zoo.

Read below to find why our staff is here…

Becky Hinga Becky Hinga
General Manager
“I love watching the “playground” of dogs – seeing them select their playmates; watching and helping them become comfortable in a new environment; being in the company of a great staff of fellow dog lovers, all accompanied by “man’s (make that woman’s) best friend.”
Kelly Leiendecker Kelly Leiendecker
Operations Manager
“I love playing with all the breeds of dogs and getting to know each dog’s personality.”


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